by Emily Clarke (aged 10)

It was a holiday! Everyone had an umbrella and were dressed in long dresses and tuxedos. I had to catch a train to Newcastle and then catch a ferry to Stockton. Clickity clack. The train had started! In five minutes I was in Newcastle. Splash. The ferry had started. It was a long sickening trip. Finally, I was there. I was at Stockton.

It was boring. Mum and Dad were talking to Nanna and Poppy. I had to put up with listening to them and be ladylike. I was not fun. After the talk, Mum, Dad, Nanna and Poppy and I caught a ferry back to Newcastle. We got to go to the lighthouse.

It was fun, I used 5cents and got a bag of hot chips. They were good. After that we went to Horse Shoe Beach. While mum got tea I played my dog, skipper. Meanwhile, mum drank her tea and had to chat with Nanna, Dad and Poppy, I had fun. When I built a sandcastle, Skipper decided to squish it. I was not happy! Mum made us go for a walk. My dress flew up and now I’m in trouble.

When we finally turned around we went back to Stockton for the party. Everyone was drinking with their husband or wife. Yuck! Skipper was being crazy and dancing. Mum came up to me and said,

“Hello hello hello would you like a cup of tea and a biscuit?”
“No!” I replied.

I wondered why she asked because I hate tea. The party was almost over, yay! But we were waiting for the best bit, Fireworks!!! Yay! It was very crowded all I could hear was blah blah blah!

“Bella!” I heard mum call,
“What?” I replied.
“It’s firework time!”
“Yay!” I said and I ran over to Mum.

It was time, the best bit of the day. The fireworks were awesome, red, green, yellow, pink and rainbow. It was awesome.